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Should you do managed or self-service data migration?

When you have lots of data to move, you have to decide whether to do managed or self-service data migration. We break down the 2 options in this article.

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The Price is Right: Affordable Data Transfers with Movebot

Finding how much it costs to move your data between cloud providers can be a challenge. We keep it easy with an affordable data transfer rate of $390/TB.

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Why doesn't Movebot delete files?

As a data transfer tool, Movebot never has access to your files, and doesn't delete any files from the source or destination during a transfer.

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Movebot keeps data migrations simple for MSPs

Movebot aims to keep migrations simple, and the self-service tool is an excellent resource for MSPs to manage data transfer projects.

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SharePoint to Google Drive migrations

SharePoint to Google Drive Migrations don't have to be a challenge. Migrate your users, content, permissions, and versions with Movebot.

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Rclone vs Movebot – The Showdown

If Rclone is free to use, why would you ever use Movebot? We break down Rclone vs Movebot and when each tool is fit for the job at hand.

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Why you can’t migrate your data with the sync agent

A sync agent is designed to process small changes to files and isn't designed for large-scale migrations and can cause numerous challenges for your project

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Migrating between Dropbox accounts

Moving from Dropbox to Dropbox or changing from personal to business or vice versa? Take a look at our guide for migrating between Dropbox accounts.

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Movebot & Dropbox Partnership Announcement

Dropbox has announced that they have chosen Movebot as their preferred data migration solution for individuals, teams, and businesses!

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Cloud Storage — Saving money with quick wins during tough times

With tough economic times ahead, your organization can save money with quick wins with cloud storage by migrating data to a new provider using Movebot.

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