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Why doesn't Movebot delete files?

As a data transfer tool, Movebot never has access to your files, and doesn't delete any files from the source or destination during a transfer.

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Movebot keeps data migrations simple for MSPs

Movebot aims to keep migrations simple, and the self-service tool is an excellent resource for MSPs to manage data transfer projects.

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Cloud Storage — Saving money with quick wins during tough times

With tough economic times ahead, your organization can save money with quick wins with cloud storage by migrating data to a new provider using Movebot.

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On-premises file migration to Dropbox

Move your on-premise file server to Dropbox including content, users, permissions, and versions with Movebot, the high-performance data migration tool.

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Zero Infrastructure Migrations

Migrating data is often costly and complex enough. But it doesn't have to be. Get the migration going with zero infrastructure migrations using Movebot.

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Large Organization Migrations - 1000s of Users, 100s of TB

Migrate your thousands of users and 100s of TB into a new cloud platform using Movebot. Movebot is cloud agnostic and supports large migrations.

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Movebot as a CloudM Alternative

Migrate your content, users, and more to your new platform with the best CloudM alternative, Movebot. Movebot is cheaper, simpler, and fully cloud-hosted.

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Movebot as a Cloud FastPath Alternative

Migrate your content, users, permissions, versions with Movebot the best Cloud FastPath alternative. Movebot is affordable, simple, and fully cloud-hosted.

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Mover Alternative

Movebot is a Mover Alternative. Migrate your users, content and metadata using Movebot's cloud-hosted migration tool. Try with no cost until you move data.

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Box Migration Tool

Migrate to Box using Movebot's cloud-hosted migration tool. The simplest, most cost-effective Box migration tool for business and Enterprise users.

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