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Learn more about cloud platforms, file migrations, data insights, and product announcements.

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9 ways Movebot makes moving files easy

It shouldn't be hard to move files between your storage platforms. And it's not with Movebot. See 9 ways Movebot makes moving files easy.

Google Migrations in Movebot

Migrating with Google can be a challenge due to some of the unique options Google provides, but Movebot can help simplify your Google migrations.

Handling data migrations during a merger or acquisition

How can you make sure data migration goes smoothly during a merger or acquisition? We have some tips to help make your data migration a success.

Moving Personal, Private, and Shared Drives with Movebot

There are many ways that cloud providers organize files, including personal, private, and shared drives. Fortunately, Movebot can move them all.

The 3 Stages of a Movebot Migration

How do you get ready to move your data? You have to PAC first! In Movebot, the three steps for a successful migration are Plan, Advance, and Cutover.

Movebot data migrations are fast—but how fast is fast?

Speed is important for data migrations. Movebot is fast--but what does that mean for you? We cover typical data transfer speeds and what can affect speed.

Should you do managed or self-service data migration?

When you have lots of data to move, you have to decide whether to do managed or self-service data migration. We break down the 2 options in this article.

Why doesn't Movebot delete files?

As a data transfer tool, Movebot never has access to your files, and doesn't delete any files from the source or destination during a transfer.

Movebot keeps data migrations simple for MSPs

Movebot aims to keep migrations simple, and the self-service tool is an excellent resource for MSPs to manage data transfer projects.

SharePoint to Google Drive migrations

SharePoint to Google Drive Migrations don't have to be a challenge. Migrate your users, content, permissions, and versions with Movebot.

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