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How to Migrate to Box Cloud Storage

Box cloud storage prides itself on being the leading cloud content management solution. Here's how to migrate to Box cloud storage with Movebot.

On-premises file migration to Dropbox

Move your on-premise file server to Dropbox including content, users, permissions, and versions with Movebot, the high-performance data migration tool.

File Server to SharePoint Online

Migrating from a file server to SharePoint online can be difficult and complex, regardless of how much data or how many folders you are looking to migrate.

Google Drive Migrations

Google Drive migrations can be simple and fast. But there are a couple things you need to be mindful of like daily upload limits & shared drive file limits

Fast Data Migrations with Movebot

Using some tools out there require you to stand up cloud infrastructure and still take a long time to migrate data. Get fast data migrations with Movebot.

Zero Infrastructure Migrations

Migrating data is often costly and complex enough. But it doesn't have to be. Get the migration going with zero infrastructure migrations using Movebot.

Local File Server to Dropbox migrations

Migrate your users, files, drives, folders, permissions, and more from local file servers to Dropbox using Movebot's cloud-hosted content migration tool.

Migrate Dropbox to Google Drive

Moving from Dropbox to Google Drive can be frustrating, slow and a costly process — both in time and money. Here's how to make it easier with Movebot.

File Server to Google Drive Migration

Migrate your file server to Google Drive with Movebot. Easily move folders, files, drives and network storage with our self-service migration tool.

Box to Google Drive migrations

Migrate your users, content, permissions, and versions from Box to Google Drive using Movebot, the easy-to-use cloud-hosted data moving tool.

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