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Learn more about cloud platforms, file migrations, data insights, and product announcements.

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SharePoint Online Migration Best Practices

Moving into SharePoint? See Movebot's SharePoint online migration best practices to simplify and ensure your migration to SharePoint goes smoothly.

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Movebot joins Dropbox as a Platform Partner

As a Dropbox Platform Partner, customers will experience a more streamlined data migration process, reduced migration time & enhanced premium support.

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Simple Object Storage Migrations

Simplify your object storage migration and speed up your object storage adoption time. It's simple to migrate your data between providers with Movebot.

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Data Center Storage Migrations with Movebot

Increase your customer's storage adoption rate for S3 within your data center by harnessing Movebot for data center storage migrations.

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What is a delta migration?

Delta migrations move only files modified since the last migration, saving you time and money while reducing the impact of adoption into the new platform.

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Cloud data migrations without the headache - keep it simple!

The days of complex processes and being afraid to move your data are gone. Use Movebot for cloud data migration without the headache!

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Egnyte - The Cloud File Server

Migrate to Egnyte and retain permissions, metadata, versioning and data structure. Movebot keeps it simple and with zero risk at affordable rates.

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Migrating to Egnyte

Migrate to Egnyte and retain permissions, metadata, versioning and data structure. Movebot keeps it simple and zero risk. Egnyte migrations are affordable.

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How to move your Team from G-Suite to Dropbox for Business

Moving one storage drive from one provider to another is one challenge, but how about moving your entire team, or better yet — your organization?

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Converting Google Drive File Types

Converting files to Google Drive format can mess up your formatting. Movebot gives the option to move your files and keep them in their original file type.

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