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Learn more about cloud platforms, file migrations, data insights, and product announcements.

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Quick Facts: Why you should look at moving file servers to the cloud

Quick facts on why you should move your data from on-premises to the cloud. The positive impact on you and your business can be phenomenal.

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New Kiwi cloud tool Movebot a huge game-changer

A new Christchurch tech company has designed a New Zealand-first game-changing cloud migration tool, Movebot, which can shift massive amounts of data.

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How good is Wasabi cloud storage?

How good is Wasabi cloud storage versus the likes of Amazon S3, Azure Blob and Google Cloud Storage? See our take on Wasabi for cloud storage here.

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Move data between clouds at 1/10th of the price

Moving between cloud data providers doesn't have to be expensive. Movebot can help you move data between clouds at 1/10th the cost of some competitors.

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Reasons people and teams move clouds

Since COVID an increasingly number of other reasons people and teams move from one cloud provider to another has come to light. We cover some reasons here.

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Should you move to Google Drive?

Is Google Drive right for you and your organization? Find out some benefits of why you should move to Google Drive to see if it's right for you.

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How to find out how much data you have in your cloud

Looking to migrate your data but want to know how much it will cost or how much data you have to move in your cloud? Check this quick guide to find out.

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Blockchain S3 Storage with Filebase

Blockchain storage is appearing rapidly across the market. So what does it mean for S3 storage with filebase, and how can Movebot help?

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On-Premise Storage to the Cloud: The Easy Way

There is no better time than now, to migrate your on-premise storage to the cloud. Let Movebot help your organization get the benefits of the cloud.

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